Board of Directors

The Board of Directors have a responsibility to the law and to the members to ensure authority is exercised in a manner which serves the best interests of the membership.

In order to be eligible to serve as a Director of Community Credit Union, you must be a Canadian citizen, eighteen (18) years of age and be a member of the credit union.

Community Credit Union is governed by a local Board of Directors elected each year at our Annual General Meeting. 

Board Listing 2022 – 2023

Name Elected Term Expires County
Rod Gilroy, Chair 2021 2024 Cumberland
Andre Myette, Vice-Chair 2020 2023 Colchester
Jeff Yuill, Secretary 2020 2023 Colchester
Carolyn Allen 2022 2025 Cumberland
Michael Hunter 2020 2023 Cumberland
Susan Costin 2020 2023 Cumberland
Florence Fortune 2020 2023 Colchester
Ralph Wark 2020 2023 Cumberland
Chris Tucker 2022 2025 Colchester
Daniel Roper 2022 2025 Colchester